Hotmail Support Testimonials

Hotmail Support is one of the best support which provide support for most of the Hotmail and Outlook email Account problems, like Hotmail or Outlook Account blocked, Hacked, or not able to send or receive emails and many more. Our Main focus is to provide with the best Technical Support for all the problems that a user may face with the Hotmail Account or Outlook Account.

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I was receiving Notifications from Microsoft Account Team regarding some unusual sign in activity on my Hotmail Account, I tried everything to change my Hotmail Account Password, But no success, as the recovery option on the account is an Old Phone Number that i don’t use. I Filled in the online questionnaire to get back my Blocked Hotmail Account but i received an email from Microsoft Team, that the information I have provided was not sufficient. I called Hotmail Support Number UK, and the Technicians fixed my Blocked Hotmail Account. I’m so glad to get Technical Support form Hotmail Support.  Paul Langridge, United Kingdom

My Hotmail account was Hacked, I was notified by the Microsoft Team regarding the Unusual sign in activity on my Hotmail Account from some part of China. I checked the recent sign in activity and i found that my Hotmail Account was being accessed from China around 4 times in the last one week. This was very much strange for me. I called Hotmail Phone Number for UK and they helped me with Unhacking the Hotmail Account and adding the security info to my account, that was a big relief to me. I appreciate the work done by the Hotmail Support Number. James Gibson, United Kingdom

My Microsoft Outlook Account was sending out junk emails to all of my contacts and i was not aware of it till one of my friend called me and informaed me about the same. I called up Hotmail Support Number and they took the remote of my computer and fixed my Outlook Account and increased the security on my account. Now everything is good. Thank you Hotmail Support Number.
Jack William, NY United States

I have been facing issues with my hotmail account since a few months. I tried all the possible options but couldn’t fix it. It showed ‘incorrect password’ all the time. I found a hotmail support line on Google and the team proved so helpful. Finally my account is back now.
Hamilton Howitt, London United Kingdom

One day, I tried to sign in to my account and was shocked when it said, ” Someone is trying to access your account”. Then I filled in the online form of recovery, still nothing happened. It was hacked and somebody changed my account details like contact number and alternate email address. Thanks to the hotmail helpline. They recovered my account and everything is perfect now.
Sarah Jane Obe London United Kingdom

My contacts were receiving emails from my account asking for money and help. But I never sent those emails. Neither could I found them in the sent box. Immediately contacted hotmail support. They fixed my account remotely and also worked to remove virused and malwares from my computer. Thanks Hotmail Support Team
David Furphy Ohio United States

I was not receiving emails and neither was able to send any. Contacted hotmail support line. The team work they did and the quality time spent to fix my issue is really appreciable.
Wendy Nelson, Scotland United Kingdom

I had my bank details saved on my hotmail email. I got an email from hotmail one day, stating that my account was accessed from a different location which i never visited. It was something really serious. I called up my bank and blocked the card. I also contacted hotmail support guys, and they fixed the issue. They secured my account by increasing security options onto it. Realy obliged
Austin Mooney, Cardiff United Kingdom

My wife and I faced the same problem, our hotmail accounts were blocked. We, at the same time were denied the access of our own accounts. My account had important work emails for my business. And my wife had some personal data saved in the emails. We tried contacting some helplines, however, hotmail support is the best helpline for any hotmail issue. They recovered both the accounts. It made my day. Thank you hotmail support.
Karen Hutchins, Belfast United Kingdom.